Hey there! I’m Carol Raymond and I enjoy a unique twist on life’s happenings; I look for the humor in all situations and this helps me keep a smile on my face even during some of the bleakest moments in my life. Some might say I have a sick sense of humor–I never got along with those people!  I love to write and I am especially enjoying some creative non-fiction projects as well as some magazine writing. While I earned a degree in English and taught at a New Jersey High School for many years, what I really want to write about is life–my life–your life–everyone’s life. Everything from the tragic to the comical, from the monumental to the simplest pleasures. Life Happens and we have a choice of how to respond. I’ve been in more predicaments as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, cancer survivor (I prefer warrior), neighbor, friend and a dozen other roles you might think of, and what I have learned is that ultimately our reaction defines who we are.  After all these years, I am still a tenacious girl from New York, and I prefer to laugh it off.

I currently live in San Antonio, Florida (bet you didn’t even know it existed) which is in the Tampa Bay area, with my husband and our neurotic Yorkie, Kelsey.


What do you think?

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